Project 2025 Document: The Presidential Transition Project

The 2025 Presidential Transition Project, spearheaded by The Heritage Foundation, aims to lay the groundwork for a successful conservative administration starting in January 2025. This initiative is built on four fundamental pillars: a comprehensive policy agenda, a Presidential Personnel Database, a Presidential Administration Academy, and a 180-day playbook. Each of these pillars plays a crucial role in preparing for and ensuring the effectiveness of the next conservative government.

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1. Policy Agenda

The policy agenda is a cornerstone of Project 2025, designed to provide a detailed and actionable plan for the incoming administration. This agenda, developed with input from over 400 scholars and policy experts across the conservative movement, covers every major issue facing the country. The “Mandate for Leadership” book encapsulates these recommendations, offering specific proposals for federal agencies and policy areas. This guide aims to equip the next administration with the tools needed to address pressing challenges and implement conservative principles from day one​.

2. Presidential Personnel Database

A robust policy agenda is ineffective without the right personnel to implement it. The Presidential Personnel Database seeks to identify and recruit individuals from across the country who align with conservative values and are qualified to serve in various capacities within the federal government. This extensive database aims to ensure that the next administration is staffed with competent, ideologically aligned individuals ready to execute the policy agenda​ (Project 2025)​.

3. Presidential Administration Academy

The Presidential Administration Academy is a unique training program designed to prepare future political appointees for their roles in the federal government. This academy provides comprehensive training on various aspects of governance, including navigating the federal budget process, working with the media, managing congressional relations, and understanding the regulatory process. The goal is to ensure that appointees are well-prepared to take on their responsibilities and advance conservative policies effectively from the outset​.

4. 180-Day Playbook

The 180-day playbook outlines a detailed plan of action for the first six months of the new administration. This playbook includes specific steps to be taken at each federal agency to reverse policies implemented by previous administrations and to swiftly implement conservative reforms. The playbook aims to provide a clear roadmap to bring quick relief to Americans and set the administration on a path to long-term success​.

Goals and Vision

The overarching goal of Project 2025 is to ensure that the next conservative administration is not only elected but also capable of governing effectively from day one. By providing a comprehensive policy agenda, a well-vetted pool of personnel, thorough training, and a detailed action plan, the project aims to reverse what it views as the detrimental effects of liberal policies and to build a stronger, more conservative government. This initiative represents a concerted effort by a coalition of conservative organizations to influence the direction of the federal government significantly.

The Heritage Foundation, which has a long history of influencing conservative policy, plays a pivotal role in organizing Project 2025. The project builds on the legacy of the “Mandate for Leadership,” a guide that has been influential in previous Republican administrations, including that of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump​.

In summary, Project 2025 is a comprehensive initiative designed to ensure that the next conservative administration is prepared to govern effectively and implement its policy agenda from the first day in office. By focusing on policy, personnel, training, and a clear action plan, the project aims to set the stage for a successful and transformative conservative presidency.